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Team building - Sword fighting activities for Businesses

We offer a range of Sword fighting based team building activities for businesses, using realistic looking high density foam swords, axes, maces, spears and shields. These activities can be developed for the specific requirements of your company and can be tailored for different group sizes.

Typically, we offer a half or full day event which can be run on weekdays or at weekends. These events can be held at your company premises if suitable, a local hall, park or even in a woodland.

Special events - Sword fighting for Birthday parties and Stag activities

After some basic training we will go straight into a range of fun team games using an array of realistic looking foam weapons and shields.

Normally, two - four hours in length and suitable as a Stag activity or at a children's or adults Birthday party. Can be in booked for the holidays, evenings or weekends in a large enough garden, local hall or park. 

Training Workshops - Lessons from an international champion

Professionally run weapon training workshops that include structured lessons on a range of weapon combat principles and varied weapon techniques. Specially designed combat games and performance enhancement strategies.

These workshops are run by Mark Gilbert a renowned HEMA instructor and international HEMA champion. He can come to your venue at a time that suits you, all training will be designed to suit your needs.

Sword fighting club - Weekly children and adult sessions in Plumpton

The sessions are structured and are typically made up of a number of segments including free sparring, theory and most important of all, exciting team games.
The club uses realistic looking high density foam swords, axes, maces, spears and shields. The club is run as a martial art and as such has a range of rules, guidelines and a level of discipline that must be adhered to, safety is the top priority very closely followed by a focus on making the sessions fun.

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